Your First Wood Burning Stove…What to Expect

Scandinavian_Word_Cloud.png-300x216We get lots of lovely customers popping in to see our beautiful wood burning stoves, and generally most people are intrigued and also completely unaware of how all this wood burning works. To make your first visit to The Stove Room in either Manchester or Cheshire easier, we thought we would clear up some of those questions before you pop in, leaving you to admire our beautiful wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Ok, let’s start. First question, do you want to burn wood and coal or would you be happy with just wood? Typically the more traditional British type stoves such as Clearview are designed to be able to burn wood and coal. In Britain we still burn coal and other such materials like peat. However the more Scandinavian style stoves tend to be wood burning only, and largely down to the fact that the nature of the countries they come from have that endless supply of wood at source.


So now you’ve decided what you would like to burn and the next question tends to be “how much do they cost to fit” Unfortunately this isn’t a question we can answer in either of the showrooms in Manchester or Cheshire as it’s very much down to the work involved and only your HETAS engineer will be able to tell you how much work is involved and the final cost of this. Do we fit them? Yes we do. We have our own highly skilled HETAS engineer Mark, and from time to time we also use a small number of approved HETAS engineers that we have been happy to pass work onto also. Mark will pop out to see you, generally of evening and then follow up in a day or two with a quote for you.


Now you know how much it’s going to cost, and how long it will take, it’s time to choose your stove. Here at The Stove Room we have really gone for the higher end of the stove range and feature brands such as Rais, Clearview, Jotul and Scan and Stovax. These are brands that we believe carry the same ethos and quality as our own brand name, and we believe in their quality of build and effectiveness.Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-10.36.15-300x171

Yes you can buy a cheap stove on the Internet for say a two or three hundred pounds, but they just don’t last. From the build quality to their efficiency, they just aren’t as effective as a stove you’ve invested slightly more money into. They can split, and even fall apart in certain circumstances.


Once you’ve chosen your stove, we will come and install it and it will be completely certificated and signed off as safe and ready to use.


All you have to do then is sit back, relax and enjoy a gas free winter!