Winter is here, “how do I light my stove”

370x400_moisture_meter_productHere’s a question we’re being asked more and more at The Stove Room. All the people who thought ahead and had their stoves installed in the summer, are now excitedly calling to ask “how do I light it”? Well, funnily enough it’s quite the opposite of how you would think you would light a stove…upside down from what we would all normally do, but we’ll show you this later in the blog.


The method is sometimes called “top down” or the “V shaped method”, whatever you call it, it just seems to work every time! Gone are the days of lots of screwed up news paper and nasty smelling firelighters. We cannot reiterate enough how important it is to use quality wood with a moisture content of 20% or below.


We sell these fab little gadgets called moisture meters from Certainly Wood to make sure your own seasoned wood is at the right moisture levels for burning. Anything above this is bound to blacken up the glass on your stove, despite how good the air wash system is.


It is also really important that you use the best products available, as these will be much kinder to your stove and a lot less harsh on your flue liner. It’s certainly worth keeping your chimney sweep happy too. To start our fires we use these great little flamers, again from Certainly Wood. They’re 100% natural and light so easy, you only need one at a time. They also don’t give off any nasty acrid smells and are kind to your stove too. These are a bargain at £5 for a box of 50 and are available to buy from our showrooms in Manchester and Cheshire.370x400_flamers_50

There you have it, you’ve checked your wood is ready to burn and you’ve got all the right wood, kindling and flamers to hand. In the photograph below we show you how to set up the wood from the bottom, stacking the kindling in a Jenga type fashion on top of the wood, and finally placing one of your super duper natural flamers on the top. Take one match or a lighter and apply the flame to the flamer. Hey presto away you go.photo1-225x300

Open all the air vents on the stove, and initially leave the door open ajar until the kindling really takes light. For the first 20 minutes or so, you’ll want to really get the heat up in the stove as the heat will contribute towards the combustion method inside. Make sure you’ve plied the stove with plenty of fuel for it to really get going. Once your stove is roaring away, you’ll soon start to feel the heat from it, and at last you can be confident that you will have spent your last winter in the cold. There really is nothing quite like the homely smell of burning wood, and being mesmerised by a dancing flame.


If it’s the first time you have lit your wood burning stove there can be a distinctive aroma that comes from it, and for the first couple of burns we advise that you open the doors and windows and the smell will burn away. From there on in, the only smell you should notice is that of a burning log, and what a fantastic smell it is too!