Why Wood Burning Stoves?

Economic reasons:

Increasingly, traditional energy sources can no longer be relied on to provide a stable and fairly priced heat supply. Using a wood stove to heat a room and with some models your water and central heating can provide you with a certain degree of independence with a more economical alternative to the large utilities.

Environmental reasons:

The burning of fossil fuel energy reserves such as oil, gas and coal are finite and their use causes climate change.

In contrast, the burning of wood makes environmental sense as during the combustion process the wood will produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as it absorbed during it’s growth, making the process completely carbon neutral.

A tree that is left to decay naturally will produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would by burning.

Effective heating:

An open fire loses a substantial proportion of the heat it generates through the chimney and pulls large volumes of air out of the room which continues even when the fire isn’t in use. This drains the home of warmth and causes draughts.

A stove is capable of achieving an efficiency rating of 89% when in use and prevents heat from escaping up the chimney unlike an open fireplace.

Design & comfort:

A stove is so much more than just a heating appliance-it should be a significant design element of your room and the main focus when lit.

All other reasons aside, there is nothing more heart warming than seeing a beautiful wood burning stove in your home doing what it does best… creating a warmth and presence that no other heating source can do!