What’s Cooking on Yours?

q-tee2-with-pots-002-300x225We could say that we’re cooking on gas at The Stove Room, but that would never happen. No No No, only solid fuel and wood burning stoves in Manchester and Cheshire for us.

Recently one of The Stove Room Manchester team decided to cook a jacket potato in one of the stoves. Sounds bizarre, but it is only like an oven after all. Carefully wrapped in 2 layers of tin foil, the experimental potato was placed in a corner inside the Rais Q-Tee wood burning stove. We moved the hot wood and ash slightly to one side and then waited with baited breath to see how it would turn out. One of our lovely customers walked in the door and announced what’s that smell. We wondered whether she meant that in a good or a bad way, until she said “it smells amazing” and yes we had to agree it did. One hour went by and it was time to move project potato number one.


Using gloves to remove the hot spud from the wood burning stove, we carefully unwrapped this gorgeous smelling piece of work. Oh my, it was perfect. All crispy and smoky on the outside, and all fluffy and light on the inside. With a small addition of some butter and salt and pepper and lunch was served. There’s something really satisfying about producing a meal with fire and solid fuel heat. 

After our little food experiment it got us thinking about other things that you could cook in your wood burning stove, wood fired pizza, a full english fry up in a pan on top of the stove, and our favourite suggestion a cast iron kettle filled with mulled wine at christmas, and the smell of nutmeg and cinnamon wafting through the home.


We’re a little bit food obsessed at The Stove Room, and we think many of our customers are too. We get asked the question many times, “can you cook on these wood burning stoves”? You really should check out the beautiful Cleaview pioneer oven, or even the Chilli Penguin Hungry Penguin as these two beautiful stoves were made for this very purpose in mind. However if you’re keeping it more contemporary then the Rais Q-Tee served as a perfect cooking partner for us and project potato.

Now it’s over to you! We want you to come up with a cooking use for your stove and share a picture with us of what you’ve managed to rustle up on your wood burning stove.images