Welcome to Chilli Penguin

cache_2444307013What an exciting week in the Stove Room Didsbury this week. We are welcoming a new brand into the Stove Room family, and we just know you’re going to love it. Chilli Penguin has arrived with us, and the names are just as cute as the stoves themselves. We welcome The Short Penguin, The Fat Penguin, The Hungry Penguin and the Chilli Billie to The Stove Room Manchester.






We pride ourselves on working with quality brands such as this family run business, whom we know pride themselves on their Welsh based British made wood burning stoves. They take huge pride in the quality of their products, as well as their overall look of their branding and marketing.


The Chilli Penguin range are pretty special, they do not mass produce, every stove is made to order and they’re so confident in their product that they come with a 7 year guarantee from an approved supplier such as The Stove Room.


Did you know you can cook on a penguin, and even better they provide a range of yummy recipes for you to try. Chilli Boat beans and sausage or marmalade cake are looking pretty good to us. What’s not to love here, warmth in your home, the amazing smell of cooking wafting through the house and a stunning piece of heating furniture as the centre feature of your home?


The penguins will be living in The Stove Room Didsbury initially, but they will be available to buy from The Stove Room Cheshire too, and we can wait to see this little penguins just fly through the doors! Ooops, apologies we forgot, penguins don’t fly.