The Stove Room Blog February 2013

Clearview-logo-UPDATED-300x121The last few months have been really busy with installations and surveys across Manchester and Cheshire and a very busy showroom.

Couple this with us gaining two much coveted wood burning and multi fuel stove brands, Clearview Stoves and Harrie Leenders, this has made us extra busy.

So, what’s so special about these two brands of stove?

Well to quote the owners of Clearview Stoves themselves:

“We have created a range of multi-fuel stoves that combines state of the art engineering and clean burning efficiency with beautiful designs.

There is a simple reason for our success. We live with stoves every day and understand what you want from your stove”

Having spent time at the Clearview works in the Shropshire hills where each Clearview buyneurontinonlinehere stove is manufactured and meticulously checked throughout the process we left feeling awe inspired.


The passion and enthusiasm for creating fantastic stoves was infectious and to witness the expertise, diligence and dedication of the team there coupled with state of the art production facilities with traditional hand finishing techniques made us very happy to be part of the Clearview family!

We have been so impressed that we have decided to have one of each of the Clearview stove range on display in our Manchester showroom and the variety of colours that are available also.


Harrie Leenders Stoves are a family run Dutch company established in 1979.  Started by Harrie and his wife Margriet, Harrie Leenders have been developing and building stoves from their factory called ‘Harrie Leenders Haardkachels’.  From a young age, Harrie has always been passionate about fire.  Brought up on a farm, his daily job was to keep the fire going, and this passion has not stopped in later life.


Harrie Leenders products are top of the range, the quality of every product they manufacturer, whether a Log Store or their newest addition, The Boxer Plus (4-12Kw), is of the finest engineering and quality and now available in our Manchester showroom to see.

We particularly love the use of the combination of two different types of ceramic concrete, Prestolith and Prisolith in the Boxer Plus. This combination maximises performance both inside and out.

It really is an exciting time in the developing wood burning stove industry and you have to admit that the design and quality of wood burners has come on a long way over the last few years……