By Patricia Cunningham

I needed a wood burning stove for a client’s house. I went to The Stove Roombecause I had heard very good word of mouth reports about them locally – often a reliable source. I was slightly anxious because it was for a tall house built on a slope, so I knew we would need some scaffolding. The Stove Roomtook full control of the process from start to finish.

They supplied and fitted the stove in a very short time scale indeed. All the people I dealt with were extremely competent and completed the work beautifully and with no fuss at all. It might have been possible to have had the job done more cheaply by shopping around and splitting up the different tasks. I’ve learnt from past experience that if you can afford the luxury of leaving the whole thing to one expert company then it is best to have one person to turn to if anything goes wrong.

My very fussy sister is now planning to use them for a stove in her new home. Quite an endorsement in my book!