By Caroline Drouet

We loved the stove that Mark and his colleague installed last September so much that we decided to have another fitted this January. Both were byClearview. Nicola’s knowledge of all the different stoves, how to use them and keep them clean was extremely helpful. Mark’s installation knowledge was thorough and better than any one else I’ve come across. I had total confidence in his ability to fit the stove and speaking as an architect with some past experience in this field, I know its not always an easy job.

Both installations took a full day and a half, starting at 8am, with Mark and two others. We made any design decisions for that day in the morning leaving me to feel free to go out.The men brought dust sheets, but we’d already covered everything we needed including removing curtains, as I know that any chimney work is messy. All was cleaned afterwards.

Mark showed me their technique for lighting it with two kiln dried logs and one ‘flamer’ and since then it is pretty much instantaneous to do.

Lovely stove, fantastic! And incredibly clean, especially compared to our open fire. Emptying the ashes is easy but hardly needs doing. Before we commissioned The Stove Room, we had looked around at other installers including one very nearby in Cheadle Hulme. Their price was a bit cheaper on the installation and the stoves also were cheaper but I felt no confidence in their ability to carry out the task competently, and the quality of stoves on offer were NOTHING like those of the stove room. This is a long term investment and totally worth the extra. cost. So even if I want to go and watch telly for just an hour I’ll also light the fire because its so quick and easy to do. Brilliant !