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Rais Pilar

The Rais Pilar wood stove encourages cosy moments in front of its large pane of glass that offers a fabulous view of seductive flames. A tall and slim stove with a sophisticated design, the RAIS Pilar has an integrated turntable that allows the stove to be rotated up to 360 degrees.

The Rais Pilar can be turned regardless of whether it is used with a top or rear exit. When using the rear exit, the flue collar can be turned from side to side and does not hinder the turntable function of the stove. With it’s clean lines, it’s a sleek and simple circular fireplace with a large curved glass door. This stove is rotatable to either 70°, 160° or 360° or alternatively it can remain fixed. Available in two heights and with top or rear outlet.

Standard features of the Rais Pilar 152 / Pilar 172 woodburning stove:

  • Steel construction and steel top plate
  • Air cooled handle
  • Baking compartment
  • Top flue or flue from the rear.

Optional features of the Rais Pilar 152 / Pilar 172 woodburning stove:

  • Have a rotating woodburning stove in your living room – rotating plinths are available as an optional extra
  • enabling the stove to be rotated up to 360 degrees
  • Stainless Steel top plate
  • Air-system.


NOMINAL OUTPUT: 5kW (Min 3kW Max 7kW)
GROSS EFFICIENCY: 72% (79.1% Nett)
FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel
DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt: NO
AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 70m3 (2520 FT3) Approx.
FLUE SIZE: 150mm
ORDERING LEAD TIMES: Stock or up to 4 weeks.


Height 1520 / 1720mm
Diameter 456mm
Weight 170 / 200kg