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Woodstocker Double

A brilliantly designed functional wood store that allows wind access from every side to dry the wood.

Objective: to design a super-functional wood store in a style that matches our fireplaces. Up-and-coming industrial designer Erik Bendien accepted the challenge.

The wood store he created allows wind access from every side. This is logical – wind dries wood. Hence the basic grid, which is free of the ground to avoid damp, the perforated side-panels and the extra space above. The uprights and the grid are in stainless – galvanised – steel. After a while the corten-steel side panels start to oxidise. It’s designed that way because the thin layer of rust is both highly decorative, and protects the panels against further corrosion. The basic module, with a single compartment, can handle 1.3 cubic metres of wood. This can be widened by the same dimensions. It looks good as a garden partition or alongside the drive.

With the user-friendly instruction you can put together the WoodStocker in no time at all. The highly robust finished item can be manoeuvred when empty. And disassembling the WoodStocker is just as easy when you move house.

The dimensions of the basic module are 125 cm across 90 cm deep (underside), 150 cm deep (upper end), 200 cm high.