My Scandinavian Stove

3f96c90fead63447ae2af91b0f1fc1e3Scandinavian Style emerged in the 1950’s, and was brought to us from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The emphasis was on simplicity, functionality as it’s most famous for, and it’s minimalistic character. Here in the United Kingdom we’re sure you will agree that we have large brands such as Ikea to thank for bringing us such great product development and simplistic Eco friendly materials. Many Scandinavian counties believe in the use of renewable materials. Scandinavian design often makes use of form-pressed wood, plastics, anodized or enameled aluminum or pressed steel.

When choosing a wood burner for your home the decision on what style of burner to go for will have already been made for you, dependent upon the style of your home. If you’re starting with a blank canvas then even better, and you can even make that decision as your ideas evolve, as some people do.

Contemporary, or traditional? If it’s contemporary then has to be Scandinavian. Check out our cute little Dovre below. We have one perfectly placed in the shop window, as it’s a real eye catching wood burning stove.  Ironically we feel that it crosses the boundary between Scandinavian and vintage, so can sneak into a range of styles.


This leads us to another question… Wood or Multi Fuel? The nature of the countries that these beautiful stoves come from means that wood is their biggest renewable fuel source, and they have an abundant supply. You’ll find that most Scandinavian Wood Burners are wood only, but their design more than makes up for their lack of ability to burn other materials too.


Check out these gorgeous Rais Q-Bic at


Scandinavia has always encompassed cutting edge style, no matter if it’s furniture, food and especially food. Countries like Denmark are home to “The Best Restaurant in the World” Noma. They receive over 20,000 booking requests per month, and have held this prestigious title for over 3 years now. We want to be the Noma of Wood Burning Stoves in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, providing the best in ideas, products and service is what we’re aiming for all of the time.


We’ve started to see more and more customers coming to us with a brief of contemporary minimalistic requirements, and with brands like Scan, Rais, and Jotul we can match that brief perfectly.

So if you’re thinking of recreating that Scandinavian look and unsure where to start, please give us a call and we can help you achieve that perfect style. We’re using innovative ways to help make your decision by creating a look around the stoves using mood boards on Pinterest, the worlds fastest growing social media imagery platform. Pinterest allows us to work with you on your style ideas, and using those ideas with the stove imagery we can help you design the room around your perfect stove.


See an example below, and call us today.


We love all things design, and interior style and we’re genuinely excited about helping you choose that perfect look. Unfortunately our cooking isn’t quite Noma standard, but our stove knowledge definitely is.