Made in Britain…The World’s envy of those three little words.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-24-at-10.45.32-300x195Well what can we say, it’s been a while since we’ve put a piece for the blog together, and all we can say is that we owe that to all our fantastic customers who have been keeping us so busy. We would like to say a huge thank you from everyone at The Stove Room. It’s been a really busy year and we’ve been simply overwhelmed at the support and loyalty our customers have shown towards us, so once again a big warm Stove Room thank you.

Our Didsbury showroom goes from strength to strength, and we’re delighted to announce that our Stockton Heath showroom has now been open 1 year. We’re really looking forward to servicing the Cheshire wood burning stove community, and we would love to answer any questions you have about becoming a stove owner. All of our installers are HETAS approved engineers, covering Greater Manchester and Cheshire, so  we can assist you on the selection of your wood burner as well as your installation.

So, where do you start when choosing a wood burner? People often come into the showroom and are really looking for some guidance as to where to start. Most people don’t think they know what they want; however this often isn’t the case. We notice people glide towards either the contemporary looking wood burners, or they gravitate towards the more traditional quintessential British Wood Burner.


Think of a roaring stove nestled into a restored Victorian fireplace, in your home surrounded by a well-manicured English country garden. You begin to build up a picture of idyllic winter nights next to the fire with a nice pinot noir and something indulgent to eat. Or you come home from a great country walk with the family, and you kick off those Hunter boots, and Barbour jackets and get warm by the fire.


Made in Britain has always carried a real prestige, and countries across the world have always been envious of those 3 little words. At The Stove Room, we only believe in providing the best available, and this is why we have selected British Wood Burning Stoves such as Clearview, for example.

Click the image below to see our full range of Clearview Stoves & other fantastic British Wood Burners.


These stoves optimize British engineering and design at it’s very best. We’re often asked why Clearview are able to carry the prestige that they do, and the one thing that you just see people’s face light up at, is the ability for the glass to keep as clean as it does. Our Burley wood burners too offer a larger area of glass, which enables you to see their Fireball technology in action, meaning the roar of the fire can be seen ever so clearly.


We also supply Broseley, Stovax, Cleanburn, Parkray and Eco-ideal wood burners, and we only select the Best of British wood burners for our customers. We take into consideration their build quality, style, and their functionality, and we have to be 100% happy that we have chosen the best for our showrooms.

Owning a wood-burning stove gives your home that luxurious warmth that no other heating source can provide. It can recreate that very typical British scene that secretly we know we are looking for from a wood burner.


We don’t just sell stoves, we create lifestyles around them, and we can help you make that choice too. We can recreate the look you’re hoping for before you make the final decision. We can create you a look using our Pinterest boards to help you find the style you want,

Click on the image below and take a look to see what we mean


If contemporary is more your look, keep tuned for the next blog where we will be giving you some style ideas and looks to help you make the decision for your next redecoration or renovation. We’ll be showing you how our fantastic Scandic brands have gone for real style innovation and some cool new gadgets.