Journey of a Stack stove….

trad-stack-e1343912528144-225x300It all started when I joined Pinterest the virtual pinboard  site where you create visual boards of things that interest you, that you love or that inspires you. The Stove Room was being formed in Manchester and we really wanted wood burning stoves that were cutting edge and beyond the norm.


I saw an image of a really funky looking ceramic stove posted from California Home & Design magazine and fell in love with the Stack stove there and then. I traced the creators of Stack to La Castellamonte  and Adriano Design in Italy, contacted them and opened up conversations about representing Stack in the UK.


Since then we have visited the factory at La Castallamonte where Stack are created, each one taking 4 to 6 weeks and hand finished to perfection with amazing skill and an injection of passion. La Castellamonte have been around for 35 years with owners Roberto Perin and Silvana Blacks making beautiful, traditional ceramic stoves for the global market.

We also learned that Silvana sits on the board of the Design Council in Italy and has been a driving force behind the collaborations of innovative Designers with more traditional manufacturers in order to bring something new and fresh into the world.


Silvana and her team told us more about the impressive Adriano Design studio which was founded by the brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano. Established in 1997 and working together with prominent companies in Italy and worldwide such as Foppapedretti, Scavolini, Olivetti, OGTM, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Bemis and Melitta. 


The brothers are active as professors at the Turin Politecnico and Guest Professors at several prestigious Universities, both national and international and have been awarded a number of acknowledgements including the IF Product Design Award, the Good buy valium online Design Award, the International Design Competition in Osaka, the Koizumi Award and received a mention at the XXI Compasso d’Oro ADI.


Their design range is wide and encompasses a variety of different products, which they are able to lend a new twist, from the farmer tractor Multifarmer up to the castor ‘Rotola’ through to the ‘re-invention’ of the foosball table with Teckell.


“Every single thing can be forever re-designed in a different and better way”.


This is what Davide and Gabriele say about their ability of breaking rules and “re-shuffling” cards progressing towards a never ending evolution. It has been down to this project philosophy that they have been received by the most prestigious museums worldwide, among them the Triennale Design Museum and the Chicago Atheneaum.


We entered into a business relationship with La Castellamonte to represent Stack stoves in the UK and took delivery of our beautiful white Cubistack earlier this year which really is a showpiece in our Didsbury showroom.


Various Editors of magazines have been interested in featuring Stack stoves but the first one to hit the shelves is current and future trend spotting magazine Wired, part of the Conde Nast stable. Jim Hill the Features Editor had spotted Stack on display at the Milan Design Fair and asked us if we could take Cubistack down to their London studio for a photoshoot which we did and the results from the talented photographer  Charlie Surbey can be seen in September’s edition in the Fetish objects of desire section.



The journey of the Stack stove will continue as there are more photoshoots and magazine features to come but the only thing we need to watch now is that our showroom Cubistack doesn’t develop a “Diva-like” attitude with all this attention!