In An English Country Garden

7497586512_ebbdbbc174_zThis week on The Stove Room blog, we’re moving outdoors. Not quite literally, although watch this space. Reports of the hottest day of the year are already being whispered, and this morning’s Facebook and Twitter feeds were littered with pictures of the weather forecast and smiley-faced sun emoji’s.

In Britain we become obsessed by the weather, it rules our lives, it’s the basis of our chit chat, and it sets our mood and determines our plans. Be it no doubt it could be the icebreaker at a job interview, filing an awkward silence or meeting someone for the first time. Many believe it’s down to our extremely variable climate, other’s feel it fuels the passion of our other pastime, which is to moan. We like to think it’s the first option.


One thing we do love though is our gardens. We have worked hard to maintain and protect the likes of our stately homes and manor house throughout the year through organisations like the National Trust. Green fingered or not, Chelsea Flower Show starting on the 20th May is still a big hit with people from all over the world, and right here in Didsbury, Manchester we still have our very own Open Gardens Day where proud garden owners can show off their horticultural hard work.


We do love to entertain in our gardens too, and enjoy endless summer evenings with friends over a good BBQ. At The Stove Room, we also hold a fantastic range of outdoor heaters, BBQ’s and lighting accessories.  Whilst these tend to be leaning towards the more Scandinavian contemporary design, they certainly wouldn’t look out of place, and would be a real talking point amongst your guests.



There’s no better place to be in the world than England in a beautiful summer. We still say that us Brits wouldn’t travel anywhere near the distances that we do, if we had better weather. Here’s hoping to a fantastic summer, and please do come and see how we can turn your English Country Garden, into your own little hideaway from the hullabaloo of everyday life.