The mystery of HETAS explained…

We have been hearing tales of woe from our customers that have invested in their beautiful wood burning stove and then employed an installer that isn’t HETAS approved only to find that the job has been left half-completed or that their stove just isn’t working properly. We are now being asked to go and put the job right and we’ve come across some real horrors.

In order to help with the general understanding of HETAS and why it’s so important we’ve answered some of the main questions we’ve come across below:



HETAS explained

 It is the official body recognised by the Government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers. Its work in approving products covers boilers, cookers, open fires, stoves and room heaters


Why use a HETAS approved installer?

A HETAS approved installer will have the skills and the experience to install your stove safely and to a very high standard and has the knowledge to overcome any problems that arise during the installation.

A HETAS installer will be able to self certify the installation and will be able to provide you with the certificate on the day of the installation. Technically if you have to wait for the building control officer to come out then you should not use the stove until you have been cleared to do so


Can you install a stove yourself?

 Yes, you can however you must follow the guidelines and building regulations document along with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you install a stove yourself then you must inform the building control officer at your local council which can cost £300 plus with no guarantee, it will be passed.

The council will arrange for a HETAS registered inspector to visit and carry out a survey of the work that has taken place. If the work is satisfactory then the stove will be signed off and you will be issued with a Certificate by the inspector. There is a charge for this service of approximately £300.


Do I really need a HETAS Certificate? Who’s going to know?

 While it’s possible you may go undetected it doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. A HETAS Certificate is a legal document that is required to be presented to your insurance company if requested. Should there be a problem and HETAS do not have a record of a HETAS Certificate at the property then it can null and void your insurance!


What do I do with the Certificate?

It may be required for your house insurance so keep it safe. When an installer provides you with a Certificate he will keep a copy for himself and the third copy will go to HETAS who will keep it on file should they receive a request from an insurance company etc.

So, if you’re planning to invest in a fabulous new stove then it’s worth considering investing in a trained professional to install it for you, as listed on their website and of course you can always ask us to give you a quote!