“But we’ve seen it online cheaper”

quote-good-quality-is-cheap-it-s-poor-quality-that-is-expensive-joe-l-griffith-328728-300x141We hear those words quite often in our Manchester and Cheshire showrooms. Hmmm we’re all guilty of it, we see something we love that we’ve got our hearts set on, and then it kicks in…our natural let’s shop around mentality. OK, so how is one channel able to offer something “cheaper” when it’s exactly the same product from the same manufacturer? Well, as our grannies used to say “you buy cheap, you buy it twice” or “you get what you pay for” Coming from a generation when there was no such thing as internet shopping, you think we would have learnt our lesson, especially when it comes to buying a large item like a car or an expensive suit, or even a stove! Read on, to find out why “cheap” stoves make their way onto the big bad internet.

If you buy a stove zolpidemsleep.com from The Stove Room, it is lovingly brought to your home by the installer on the morning it is to be fitted. It’s carried into the home by two or even three happy chappy’s (ok, we can’t always guarantee the happy bit, it depends how many Weetabix they had that morning). It will have been checked, examined and all the correct parts and pieces will have been brought with it too. We’ve heard of stories where people have bought an online stove, and it’s been dumped on the pavement, where you’re unable to check it for damage, and then the question is…how strong are you at lifting a cast iron stove in a box on a pallet into your living room? Hmmmm, more spinach required here we think.