“But we’ve seen it online cheaper”

quote-good-quality-is-cheap-it-s-poor-quality-that-is-expensive-joe-l-griffith-328728-300x141We hear those words quite often in our Manchester and Cheshire showrooms. Hmmm we’re all guilty of it, we see something we love that we’ve got our hearts set on, and then it kicks in…our natural let’s shop around mentality. OK, so how is one channel able to offer something “cheaper” when it’s exactly the same product from the same manufacturer? Well, as our grannies used to say “you buy cheap, you buy it twice” or “you get what you pay for” Coming from a generation when there was no such thing as internet shopping, you think we would have learnt our lesson, especially when it comes to buying a large item like a car or an expensive suit, or even a stove! Read on, to find out why “cheap” stoves make their way onto the big bad internet.

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What’s Cooking on Yours?

q-tee2-with-pots-002-300x225We could say that we’re cooking on gas at The Stove Room, but that would never happen. No No No, only solid fuel and wood burning stoves in Manchester and Cheshire for us.

Recently one of The Stove Room Manchester team decided to cook a jacket potato in one of the stoves. Sounds bizarre, but it is only like an oven after all. Carefully wrapped in 2 layers of tin foil, the experimental potato was placed in a corner inside the Rais Q-Tee wood burning stove. We moved the hot wood and ash slightly to one side and then waited with baited breath to see how it would turn out. One of our lovely customers walked in the door and announced what’s that smell. We wondered whether she meant that in a good or a bad way, until she said “it smells amazing” and yes we had to agree it did. One hour went by and it was time to move project potato number one.


Rais is nice, and cheap is expensive

There has been a lotphoto of excitement in The Stove Room last week with the arrival of some brand new stock. In particular this stunning piece of heating engineering, the Rais Pilar is already steeling the show, standing proud in it’s very own corner.


This clever bit of kit you could say even has it’s own mind, with it’s clever air technology meaning you don’t even have to regulate it’s air control, as it can manage this all by itself. These wood burning stoves really are too clever for their own good, whatever next…wood burners that take their own ash out? You never know.

At The Stove Room, we’re really lucky to be able to work with numerous fantastic brands such as Clearview the epitome of quality British traditional stoves, and then Rais and Jotul who bring us the finest in Scandinavian design.

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Winter is here, “how do I light my stove”

370x400_moisture_meter_productHere’s a question we’re being asked more and more at The Stove Room. All the people who thought ahead and had their stoves installed in the summer, are now excitedly calling to ask “how do I light it”? Well, funnily enough it’s quite the opposite of how you would think you would light a stove…upside down from what we would all normally do, but we’ll show you this later in the blog.


The method is sometimes called “top down” or the “V shaped method”, whatever you call it, it just seems to work every time! Gone are the days of lots of screwed up news paper and nasty smelling firelighters. We cannot reiterate enough how important it is to use quality wood with a moisture content of 20% or below.


We sell these fab little gadgets called moisture meters from Certainly Wood to make sure your own seasoned wood is at the right moisture levels for burning. Anything above this is bound to blacken up the glass on your stove, despite how good the air wash system is.


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New Year, New Stoves

Jotul F305BThis is the first blog of 2015, so firstly we just feel we have to say a big thank you to all our lovely customers who came to visit our wood burning show room in Manchester and Cheshire in 2014. It was a great year, and we’re sure 2015 will equally be as good.

We’re really looking forward to some new products this year from Jotul with this beautiful F305B also available in white and different height legs. Another fantastic design from Jotul, a superb Norwegian brand with an eye for design and detail.

Last year we were really excited to be able to introduce some fab new accessories from Harrie Leenders in the form of these funky Tass bags, available from us in three colours and two sizes.


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The Chimney…The exhaust to your home

Santa-Stuck-rn0wd1Fireplaces are busy at this time of year, with Santa’s imminent arrival down the chimney. We all know that the hearth provides the perfect setting for story-telling, snoozing and generally recovering from the season’s excesses.

But, how often do you check your chimney is in good nick? Never mind Santa and the delivery of goodies. Your fireplace could be a hazard, and the problems are hidden from view.

You need to protect against blockages, smoke leaks, inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, down-draught and tar build-up.

When did you last have the flue swept? Has it been tested for smoke integrity to ensure that no cracks or faults have developed? Are dangerous gases able to escape?


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