The Stove Room Blog February 2013

Clearview-logo-UPDATED-300x121The last few months have been really busy with installations and surveys across Manchester and Cheshire and a very busy showroom.

Couple this with us gaining two much coveted wood burning and multi fuel stove brands, Clearview Stoves and Harrie Leenders, this has made us extra busy.

So, what’s so special about these two brands of stove?

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Made in Britain…The World’s envy of those three little words.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-24-at-10.45.32-300x195Well what can we say, it’s been a while since we’ve put a piece for the blog together, and all we can say is that we owe that to all our fantastic customers who have been keeping us so busy. We would like to say a huge thank you from everyone at The Stove Room. It’s been a really busy year and we’ve been simply overwhelmed at the support and loyalty our customers have shown towards us, so once again a big warm Stove Room thank you.

Our Didsbury showroom goes from strength to strength, and we’re delighted to announce that our Stockton Heath showroom has now been open 1 year. We’re really looking forward to servicing the Cheshire wood burning stove community, and we would love to answer any questions you have about becoming a stove owner. All of our installers are HETAS approved engineers, covering Greater Manchester and Cheshire, so  we can assist you on the selection of your wood burner as well as your installation.

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My Scandinavian Stove

3f96c90fead63447ae2af91b0f1fc1e3Scandinavian Style emerged in the 1950’s, and was brought to us from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The emphasis was on simplicity, functionality as it’s most famous for, and it’s minimalistic character. Here in the United Kingdom we’re sure you will agree that we have large brands such as Ikea to thank for bringing us such great product development and simplistic Eco friendly materials. Many Scandinavian counties believe in the use of renewable materials. Scandinavian design often makes use of form-pressed wood, plastics, anodized or enameled aluminum or pressed steel.

When choosing a wood burner for your home the decision on what style of burner to go for will have already been made for you, dependent upon the style of your home. If you’re starting with a blank canvas then even better, and you can even make that decision as your ideas evolve, as some people do.

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In An English Country Garden

7497586512_ebbdbbc174_zThis week on The Stove Room blog, we’re moving outdoors. Not quite literally, although watch this space. Reports of the hottest day of the year are already being whispered, and this morning’s Facebook and Twitter feeds were littered with pictures of the weather forecast and smiley-faced sun emoji’s.

In Britain we become obsessed by the weather, it rules our lives, it’s the basis of our chit chat, and it sets our mood and determines our plans. Be it no doubt it could be the icebreaker at a job interview, filing an awkward silence or meeting someone for the first time. Many believe it’s down to our extremely variable climate, other’s feel it fuels the passion of our other pastime, which is to moan. We like to think it’s the first option.


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Our Very Own Cheshire Life

Screen-Shot-2014-04-14-at-19.30.14-300x221-1Well we’re 2 years old this week, and my how that time has flown. Happy Birthday to us! With baited breath we opened the doors of our very first Wood Burning Stove shop on Burton Road Didsbury in Manchester. This one little strip of road is a hive of independent businesses that support and champion each other. The people of Manchester flocked to the shop and we continue to be overwhelmed by their loyalty.

We say it often and we’ll keep saying it but thank you for your support.


Onwards a year to 2013 and we were eager to bring our contemporary concept and beautiful showroom of wood burning stoves to Cheshire too. We found the ideal location in Stockton Heath, which is ideally situated just a few miles from Warrington and services all of Cheshire with great motorway links.

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It’s Show Time

IHSM_header_sponsored-300x73This week has been an exciting time for us in the showroom, we received a lovely call from the Ideal Homes Exhibition which takes places this weekend in Manchester. It’s the first Ideal Homes Exhibition ever to have taken place in Manchester, and we’re delighted to be asked to take part.


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Wood Versus Gas…The Big Debate

Energy-Price-RiseWith energy prices on an ever-upward ladder, us British folk are increasingly turning to wood burning and other solid fuel stoves to heat our homes – in some cases running them on homegrown or recycled wood.


Last year more than 180,000 UK homes had a stove installed, and as a seller of wood burning stoves in Manchester and Cheshire we say the topic of domestic gas and electricity price increases will only add more interest to people.


“Every time the big energy companies put up their prices we head off to the pub to celebrate,”  If only! We are usually far too busy, but it’s interesting to know that essentially one of the topics of conversation in The Stove Room is the price of gas vs. wood, and how long does a bag of wood last?


While gas and heating oil prices have risen substantially in recent years, the price of wood has remained steady. We estimate households can reduce their annual bills by a third by installing a stove.

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Your First Wood Burning Stove…What to Expect

Scandinavian_Word_Cloud.png-300x216We get lots of lovely customers popping in to see our beautiful wood burning stoves, and generally most people are intrigued and also completely unaware of how all this wood burning works. To make your first visit to The Stove Room in either Manchester or Cheshire easier, we thought we would clear up some of those questions before you pop in, leaving you to admire our beautiful wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Ok, let’s start. First question, do you want to burn wood and coal or would you be happy with just wood? Typically the more traditional British type stoves such as Clearview are designed to be able to burn wood and coal. In Britain we still burn coal and other such materials like peat. However the more Scandinavian style stoves tend to be wood burning only, and largely down to the fact that the nature of the countries they come from have that endless supply of wood at source.


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Welcome to Chilli Penguin

cache_2444307013What an exciting week in the Stove Room Didsbury this week. We are welcoming a new brand into the Stove Room family, and we just know you’re going to love it. Chilli Penguin has arrived with us, and the names are just as cute as the stoves themselves. We welcome The Short Penguin, The Fat Penguin, The Hungry Penguin and the Chilli Billie to The Stove Room Manchester.



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New Year, New Stoves

binary-23009-25098This is the first blog of 2015, so firstly we just feel we have to say a big thank you to all our lovely customers who came to visit our wood burning show room in Manchester and Cheshire in 2014. It was a great year, and we’re sure 2015 will equally be as good.


We’re really looking forward to some new products this year from Jotul with this beautiful F305B also available in white and different height legs. Another fantastic design from Jotul, a superb Norwegian brand with an eye for design and detail.

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