Wood Versus Gas…The Big Debate

Energy-Price-RiseWith energy prices on an ever-upward ladder, us British folk are increasingly turning to wood burning and other solid fuel stoves to heat our homes – in some cases running them on homegrown or recycled wood.


Last year more than 180,000 UK homes had a stove installed, and as a seller of wood burning stoves in Manchester and Cheshire we say the topic of domestic gas and electricity price increases will only add more interest to people.


“Every time the big energy companies put up their prices we head off to the pub to celebrate,”  If only! We are usually far too busy, but it’s interesting to know that essentially one of the topics of conversation in The Stove Room is the price of gas vs. wood, and how long does a bag of wood last?


While gas and heating oil prices have risen substantially in recent years, the price of wood has remained steady. We estimate households can reduce their annual bills by a third by installing a stove.

In the past, most buyers were those replacing an open fire with a much more fuel-efficient wood burner. Open fires lose large amounts of a home’s warmth up the chimney whether in use or not.


The Stove Industry Alliance set up to promote their use, and says wood is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels. It is a renewable energy and virtually carbon neutral. It claims the most efficient models achieve 80% efficiency – compared to an open fire at 32%, and a room open gas effect fire at 20% to 55% efficiency.


Prices for one of our good quality wood/solid fuel stoves start at around £800 and upwards. Yes you can buy a stove online for just a few hundred pounds but the engineering, build quality and their ability to last can be very different from a good quality stove. Only last week we spoke to a customer who had to replace two stoves that he had only owned for just 3 years. Your installation price will consist of installation materials, and installation will take a two-man team a day – at local rates, so it’s not something you really want to be changing every 3 years!


How much it will cost to run will entirely depend on how much – if anything – you pay for locally sourced wood. The prices paid around the country vary enormously, but is around £100 per 1.2m squared. We highly recommend Greater Manchester Treestation, as we love their ethos and passion for providing a great quality wood source and a fantastic community project.


Above all the facts and figures, you can’t take away one fact that is just how lovely they look when they’re roaring away. Think cozy winter nights, curled up by the fire, and of course a glass of something equally nice to go with it. Pop in, or call us for a chat to discuss how much cheaper and nicer your winter could look.

Couple Warming Feet in Front of Wood-Burning Stove